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Customer Testimonials
  • We are so happy we did this for our dog. Knowing she cannot get out has given us peace of mind and out neighbors sure have enjoyed a quieter neighborhood!!!...

    Ann Hesser, Exton PA

  • Thank you also for all your help in training the dogs and sharing your knowledge about the fence system. It was refreshing and very obvious that you are committed to...

    Karen Lampe, Adopt a Boxer Rescue

  • The dogs were trained to the system within days. Karl is always there for me if I have questions and for emergencies – like when the snowplow man dug up the wire...

    Patty Bill, Guthriesville PA

  • The Pet Stop System for your dogs is the best present you could give your pet and yourself. It will keep your pets safe and from underneath the wheels of...

    Barbara Montgomery, Birchrunville PA

  • In today’s increasingly congested and busy world the Pet Stop containment system offers a secure and reliable product....

    Mary Remer, owner of What a Good Dog

  • Our dogs are safe and we feel secure in the knowledge that whenever they are left out of doors, they will not stray from home....

    Judy & David Bernbaum, Chester Springs PA

  • Again, please accept our sincere thanks for a great job, an affordable price and a system that our dog likes as much as we do!...

    Sharon Corney, Douglasville PA

  • It’s nice to know that when you buy something such as this, that you’re not left own your own, even a year after we bought Pet Stop. You will be highly recommend...

    Toni Galm, Douglasville PA

  • Let me thank you again for your professionalism, training and most importantly GREAT PRODUCT AND SERVICE!...

    Joe O’sullivan , Kennett Square PA

  • I feel this system is one of the best on the market and the customer service to be the best in our area....

    John Braxton, owner of Braxton’s Animal Works

  • You have great product, and I highly recommend your service to all dog owners considering any type of containment system...

    Jenn Rittenhouse, Exton PA

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Pet Management Systems of Chester is an authorized Pet Stop® dealer.
We are not associated with Invisible Fence® or any of the following companies:


Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company. Invisible Fencing® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company. PetSafe® is a registered trademark of Radio Fence Systems. Innotek® is a registered trademark of Invisible Technologies. Dogwatch® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc. Dog Guard is a registered trademark of Dog Guard, Inc

Ecolite Rechargeable Receiver by Pet Stop®

The Pet Stop “Ecolite” is the most technically advanced dog receiver on the market. The advantages over every dog fence containment system are amazing.

You are looking at the smallest and lightest receiver available! Weighing only .8 ounces, it will contain the smallest dog to a 200 lb. Great Dane. It can do this due to the engineered software in the receiver.Highly customizable, it has 382 settings individual settings that you can adjust depending on your dog's temperament, drive and environment. It also has a run through protection system within the collar to keep dogs away from the fence and safe in your yard.

No more expensive and inconvenient batteries to buy…EVER!

We have created the smallest and lightest rechargeable receiver on the market.
The receiver will tell you when to charge the battery with a flashing red light. When the receiver is being charged the light will turn green when finished charging the light will go off. The benefits beyond the savings in battery cost is the charge will last a minimum of 30 days, but more likely 60 – 90 days off one charge. It takes between 1 -3 hours to make the receiver fully charge. Talk about savings and easy! No more running out to stores or ordering off line expensive ongoing purchasing of batteries.

Night Light Feature

The “night light” feature is the best! Did you ever let your dog out at night and start to wonder where he is or what he is getting into? This feature will let you know where your dog is on the property at night all the time. It is a white LED light that you turn on when your dog goes outside. It will actually make your dog glow so, that you know exactly where he is and is not getting into trouble.


Customer’s comments:

'It is so nice to have a small light weight collar that will not interfere with my dog's body'

'Yes!!!! A fully functional rechargeable is about time a company did the right thing for the consumer, dog and the environment.'

'I have not had to charge my collar for over 60 days and when I did it took 2 hours and I was ready to keep my dog safe again'

'I had Invisible Fence for years and was tired of changing the battery every 3 months at a cost of $80 per year. Thank you Pet Stop...ZERO on-going costs.'

'It never fails. Going to go on vacation and guess what? Battery is dead in the collar. Scramble to try to purchase one over the weekend...Impossible.Thank you Pet Stop this will never happen again.'

'The nightlight is the best feature! I know where my dog is at all times at night and know that he is safe of the property with Pet Stop.'