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Negatives of GPS Location Dog Fence Systems:


Inaccuracy and Unreliability:

GPS signals affected by atmospheric conditions, buildings, and foliage, leading to erratic boundary lines. Inconsistency causing confusion and potential danger for pets.


Signal Delays:

Delay in updating the dog’s location compared to instant physical barriers. Critical situations might suffer due to delayed signals, risking the pet’s safety.


Battery Life and Maintenance:

Reliance on rechargeable batteries with limited lifespan. Risks leaving the pet vulnerable if the battery runs out while outside the designated area, requiring regular maintenance for functionality.

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Donald McGillDonald McGill
16:35 20 Mar 23
Pet Stop dog fence team was very responsive, professional and courteous from start to finish. The local owner came to our home to provide a detailed quote on the product and the installation / training process.Mike the technician came in about a week to install the wire, describe how to use the product and to do the initial training with our dog. The process took about 3.5 hours to complete, and we are very happy that we chose Pet Stop over the competition. They offered more choices and had much better pricing than others we looked into.Our dog was treated with respect and care both before the installation and during the training.Highly recommend Pet Stop products and services. They answered all of our questions and were very responsive with follow up calls.
Susan ButlerSusan Butler
15:08 25 Feb 23
Very pleasant tech, excellent service. I had them install underground years ago, still works great, had them come out to reflag and give training pointers for my new puppy. Very satisfied.
Kim HollenbachKim Hollenbach
19:04 18 Oct 22
Needed a new collar after the dog met a skunk. Received in 2 days. Always quick to reply to you calls or messages. Great group of people. Great product.
Scot KauffmanScot Kauffman
00:25 17 Oct 22
Carl was great when he came to give the quote and wanted to make sure we were comfortable with what was needed to install. Michael did the installation and was very professional and made sure we were happy and knew how everything worked before he left.
Kelly McCurdyKelly McCurdy
20:56 07 Oct 22
I had such a good experience with Petstop. The fence was put up quickly and they provide easy training with the comfort of my dog always being their top priority. They are responsive and easy to work with. It’s been a pleasure working with them!
Erin GilroyErin Gilroy
20:30 23 Sep 22
I had a great experience with PetStop when they came and repaired my invisible fence. They quickly responded to my request for service and were able to make an appointment sooner than anyone else. They arrived on time, they were professional and repaired it fast! The only reason I gave four stars is because I wish it was a little less expensive. Cost $200 and it was fixed in ten minutes. Otherwise happy with the service.
theresa taittheresa tait
04:37 28 Jul 22
Our original Pet Stop underground fencing was installed approximately 17-20 years ago. We only had to call for repairs 2 times (both times were due to humans breaking the wire). Each repair was handled swiftly and professionally. The staff was amazing!This year I lost 3 of my dogs' collars on the way home from vacation! The staff quickly responded to my need and desperation. They sent new collars out to my house in less than 72 hours! I was impressed by their sense of urgency.I highly recommend this company and their products to all my friends and, frankly, to everyone.
Vicki FacciponteVicki Facciponte
12:14 16 Jun 22
This company is extremely professional and fast to respond. My installation happened very quickly and the installer was quick, professional, thorough and explained how to use the collar with the fence perfectly. He gave me some tips he thought my breed would do well with and they worked like a charm! Would highly recommend.
Melanie SloyerMelanie Sloyer
17:49 14 Jun 22
I have used Pet Stop for years. I’m very happy with the products and the service.
Anne Hartman SpiekerAnne Hartman Spieker
18:47 09 Jun 22
Very helpful and timely. Quickly fixed our problem and got us back up and running.
Dave ShankDave Shank
16:46 27 May 22
What a great experience. Mike installed the fence this morning. His work was neat and clean. He then trained me to train my dog. His level of expertise was very evident. I would highly recommend Pet Stop.
Patti TylerPatti Tyler
21:21 17 Apr 22
Highly recommend this company for their initial quick response, quick turn around time for quote, warranty options, made in the USA, quality product and follow up after installation. I have 6 yo lab mix (95lbs on a skinny day) whose is laid back and stubborn at the same time. He can take a “zap/shock” at the highest level and still get where he needs to go if the instinct is there and he is zoned in. We definitely needed a few adjustments for my big guy, our puppy was doing just fine since we had just adopted her and she was following her big brothers lead! I highly recommend this company and their product. My big guy is so happy now that he can run the full yard and have more time outside now than he ever had.
Christopher SmithChristopher Smith
15:26 12 Apr 22
Very good service for the Price!!
Barry CarneyBarry Carney
18:03 21 Mar 22
Installed our Petstop fence. Have been a customer over 15 years. Great service and support. I would highly recommend! You won't be disappointed.
Kellie JohnsonKellie Johnson
21:27 19 Mar 22
Carl is great helped us with our existing system
00:56 28 May 21
Great Experience. Very professional. Everything done as described. Everything works great and now my two dogs have the whole yard to run around in and I don't have to panic when they go outside. Well worth it
Teresa ChiletTeresa Chilet
15:34 22 Apr 21
100% recommended. Our little girl learned fast where the boundary was and we are finally able to enjoy and see her running in our back and front yard!
Stephen TrainorStephen Trainor
17:55 11 Apr 21
This company is very responsive to your needs or questions you might have. The cable company cut our electric fence line. Catherine and Carl had a tech out to our house the very next day. They really do a great job taking care of their customers!
Edward ShepherdEdward Shepherd
14:37 10 Apr 21
They did a good job and are very nice. Fence works great but they did forget to follow up after initial installation to take the fence off of practice mode.We called them because the dogs were going through it and they came out and fixed it. Works great now
Tonya ClarkTonya Clark
15:21 09 Apr 21
Invisible fog fence installation & maintenance. Fantastic customer service, response time and very helpful. Would highly recommend this husband and wife team and their dog fence services to everyone!
Sharon PiecaraSharon Piecara
17:56 25 Mar 21
The Pet Stop team were outstanding during the decision process, installation and training. It took no time at all for our dog to figure out the fence and honor the boundaries. When I have a question or need parts for the collar they get back to with 24 hours. I have several friends who have dogs, they bought collars so when they visit they can let their dogs run free without worry. Great product and great people.
Maureen McDonaldMaureen McDonald
15:09 02 Mar 21
Great service from very professional underground pet fencing experts. There was great follow up for pet training with system; always quick response time to phone calls. I definitely recommend!
Danielle McNultyDanielle McNulty
00:40 07 Feb 21
BEST MONEY WE EVER SPENT!!! We absolutely LOVE Pet Stop - everything about them and the fence. Catherine & Karl are amazing to deal with! So nice, so honest and always so helpful!! Mike who did our install is great too! Our dog is SO utterly happy to have the freedom he does because of them and the fence. In turn we also now have alot of freedom as well since we no longer have to worry about our pup running off into the woods behind our house and getting hurt. It's the BEST feeling. We can all hang outside without a care or worry. We can just be out there to play with him, or to hang on the patio or by the fire. We can just be out there to ENJOY. THANK YOU AGAIN PET STOP!!! If I could give you more than 5 stars I would!! If anyone reading this is 'on the fence' about having an install done by them, JUST DO IT. You will not regret it, trust me!! I repeat - BEST MONEY WE EVER SPENT.
Elizabeth BradyElizabeth Brady
23:25 15 Jan 21
We think Pet Stop is great! Karl responded immediately to our call and we scheduled a date to learn more about their invisible fences. Soon after our fence was installed and we were trained on how the Gentle Steps program works. Our dog was easily and safely trained with this program and we had a complimentary follow up training session. Pet Stop is a friendly, helpful, thorough, and prompt company. Most of all their invisible fence system works!! Our dog Lily loves the freedom of roaming our yard and now we don’t worry about her running off.
Dave LearDave Lear
18:18 01 May 20
I needed to get the invisible fence repaired at my house for our new dog. A couple companies came out and said that the system would need to be updated with a new system. Pet Stop's owner was the only one that came out, did a quick repair, brought me flags and walked me through the process for a couple hundred dollars. Honest and reliable.
Valerie PetrieValerie Petrie
19:29 08 Apr 20
If you want your invisible fence done correctly, then only make one call to Karl and Katherine at Pet Stop. They did our initial install for our farm and their team was professional as the equipment. We even wanted some modifications (two years later!!!) after realizing our dogs had too much access to our landscaping areas and came back with smiles to change it; as we requested. Don't waste your time or money, call them.
Leah FLeah F
18:40 01 Apr 20
Highly recommend Pet Stop. They were always very quick to get back to me no matter what time or day of the week. Installation and training were on time and went very smoothly. Our puppy is already trained after two weeks and is having fun in the yard with no fear but is cautious to stay away from his boundaries. Great service!
Doug BDoug B
20:08 30 Dec 19
We have been using Pet Stop for 20+ years (or more...) and have recommended them to many other friends and family members.Karl and Catherine (the owners) and their crew made the move from our old house to our new house (just across town) as smooth as can be. Karl got the dogs trained in the new yard without any problems, and also trained our new puppy in just a couple sessions. Our dogs stay put, despite a constant trail of deer running through the yard!They have always been quick to address any problems we have had- including the time I cut the wire in multiple locations while installing a new shed.The PetStop collars and system are top quality AND are reasonably priced. We couldn’t be happier with our experiences and highly recommend Pet Stop!
Alison PollackAlison Pollack
15:10 30 Dec 19
Our Pet Stop by Pet Management Systems has been a lifesaver and has let us enjoy and play in our space with our pet without the restriction of a large fence. The Pet Stop Management Systems employees have all be so helpful and knowledgeable. Every time I have a question (even months after install) they are quick to respond and help!
Michael TaylorMichael Taylor
16:24 13 Dec 19
Our new pup was starting to wander too much and we had to get him on the fence. Pa Pet Stop came out immediately this morning and did a great job in setting up the second collar and going over the training. Thanks!
Mark DhuyMark Dhuy
19:47 02 Dec 19
Karl and his Pet Stop team installed our underground fence system about 7 years ago. Their professionalism and genuine care for our dogs throughout the installation and training process was exceptional. They also continue to be very helpful and responsive if we have questions about the system or if minor updates are needed. I definitely recommend Karl and his squad to anyone considering a similar system.
Jill DiffenderferJill Diffenderfer
21:15 25 Nov 19
Great fencing system. Whenever I had a question or needed a replacement part, I could get it fast without hassle. The collars are super small and not bulky. Highly recommend! Lifetime warranty!!
Edward MoulderEdward Moulder
22:06 07 Nov 19
I just wanted to share that the product and service provided by Karl is top notch. I've had my system for over 9 years with very few problems but when I do, Karly has always provides great support and guidance. Our collars stopped working recently and Karl had me send the collars to him and within days they were repaired and sent back. I can't say how impressed we are with this level of service even after 9 years! You can't say that about many businesses today.
debbie konarskidebbie konarski
02:01 18 Oct 19
Pet Stop is the best solution for underground fence. They are always there to help and solve any issue. We just had an issue with our rechargeable collar not charging. We have had the collar for several years. I sent an email on a Sunday indicating it was not charging and our dog had ran into the street. They emailed right back and said bring it right over, Sunday no problem. He replaced the unit and fixed it. Extremely responsive. So glad we found them when we were looking. I highly recommend Pet Stop should you want this for your pets.
Brooke SchafferBrooke Schaffer
16:41 21 Aug 19
Friendly and relational customer service. Very sweet to my dog. Easy to understand and use system. Thorough training. Highly recommend!
Barb BurgerBarb Burger
20:04 22 Jul 19
We had a great experience with Pet Stop. The owner Karl is very responsive to your calls and wants to resolve any issues and answer any questions you may have as soon as possible. The install went smoothly and so did the training for our pup. We decided to go with the upgraded collar which ties in to the App, allowing us to check the amount of battery strength left (no guessing!), contact Pet Stop directly, view a history of corrections the collar has made and utilize the Remote Trainer feature to discourage any negative behaviors. We have used the remote trainer twice - to discourage aggressive yard digging and when our pup would get too close to our car on the driveway when we were leaving. Pet Stop makes you feel like an important customer and that they value your business and truly want to keep your pet(s) safe
Ann KellyAnn Kelly
21:29 08 Jun 19
My Pet Stop fence was installed in May of 2016. I spoke in detail with Pet Stop and Invisible Fence. By far, Pet Stop was much more patient and helpful with all my many questions. They showed up on time to do the install and it took exactly as long as they said it would take. They were professional and provided clear and detailed training on how to easily train my new 6 month old puppy. I was completely satisfied. Why am I writing this review 3 years later? We have not had a single problem in 3 years. I would not have realized how spectacular this is except for my neighbor's ongoing problem with their invisible fence (not from the company Invisible Fence, I'm using the term generically to describe the type of fence). They've had to have it repaired several times in that same 3 year period. In just the last week, I noticed about 6 inches of the the wire is exposed in my driveway. I emailed Pet Stop to ask about repair services. Much to my surprise, he said no problem, he'll fix it the next time he is in my area. I was expecting either a quote for the repair or instructions on how to caulk it myself.I can't recommend Pet Stop highly enough.
Peggy ReznicekPeggy Reznicek
13:00 11 May 19
These people are wonderful. Not only do they install the fence, they train your dogs AND you! They are kind and gentle with the dogs. They are friendly, helpful, and very patient
Trish McNamaraTrish McNamara
18:07 09 May 19
We have been Pet Stop customers for 10 years and wouldn't have it any other way. Catherine and Karl are great to work with and any time we called they have responded quickly and with fair pricing. Recently we had some major tree work done and it caused numerous breaks in the wire and Karl and Mike (who's been with them almost 6 years) did a great job repairing the wire. Our dogs safety depends on them !!!!!
Emily LandersEmily Landers
15:23 20 Apr 19
We have had such a great experience working with Pet Stop. The fence was installed quickly and the personal training after installation was very helpful and made teaching our dog a breeze. After two weeks, they did a second personal training to make sure everything was going alright, which was great since our dog was not reacting much to the low shock. Our dog is great with her boundary line now and can run around the yard care-free!
Mike O'MearaMike O'Meara
17:14 05 Apr 19
Pet Stop is terrific. I was expecting to pay a lot more to get the fence installed. They were fast, friendly, helpful, and I could hardly tell they installed it in the ground because they did such terrific work. I would absolutely recommend Pet Stop to others, and already have to my neighbors. Highly recommended. And if my dogs could write a review they would tell you how much they enjoy having the freedom to run around.

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Locally Owned & Operated

We're a Husband and Wife team with dedicated staff members... If there's a question, you will speak directly with one of the owners or staff, not a call center in another state or country.

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Customer Service Focused

Dealing with service providers is usually challenging, from delayed installation times to poor service. We focus on giving our clients the best experience and service possible. We treat everyone we speak to or work with like family.

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Best In Class Parts

We take the safety of local dogs very seriously. We only install the best in class parts to ensure every underground dog fence we install works long-term.

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Welcome to PA Pet Fences


Pet StopⓇ Pet Management Systems is the only locally owned, designed and manufactured pet containment provider in South-East Pennsylvania!

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Over 30 Years of Experience
Local Family Owned Business

With over 30 years of experience, we’re proud to serve as your local Dog Fence Experts. We have a 100% success rate in keeping dogs safe in their yard! We design a system that’s right for you and your dogs, and we provide the training for them to learn the boundaries. Here is what makes our company the best option compared to a big box franchise company.

We have the best technology available, and we really have the best service and training process in the industry. Since every yard, dog, and pet parent is unique, we offer free, no-hassle estimates. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust, and we look forward to working with you.

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We provide free on-site consultations, professional dog fence design and installation, and personalized gentle pet training to provide ongoing safety for your pet. We also service Invisible Fence® brand systems!
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We’re an exclusive provider of GentleSteps™ Easier Training for Happier Pets. This technology allows us to incrementally increase correction levels as your pet learns the boundaries. No other manufacturer offers such a gentle approach to pet containment.
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We’re your local Dog Fence Experts, and we’ll design and install an American-made pet fence system for your dog or cat, plus follow up with GentleSteps training, service and support. We customize underground dog fences that meet specific requests and budget. Most importantly, we’re a locally-owned and operated business that provides the best in products and services.

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Freedom For Your Pet

And Peace of Mind For You

If your dog is running around the neighborhood, you already know the risks – pets can get lost, hurt or worse, and your neighbors tend to not appreciate uninvited visits. On top of that, every good dog trainer emphasizes the importance of giving our pets proper exercise, and our underground pet fences are here to solve these problems for you.

Our “invisible” dog fence systems enable your furry friend to roam your yard freely, without the need to worry that they’ll go somewhere they shouldn’t. We’re dedicated to making sure your pet is safe, happy and healthy! With a locally-manufactured Pet Stop system professionally installed by us, you can finally gain the peace of mind you deserve.

How It Works

We exclusively provide Pet Stop® systems for the same reason we hope you choose us to install your invisible fence – we won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Unlike our competitors, all Pet Stop products are 100% designed & manufactured in the USA (in Exeter PA!), and Pet Management Systems is a local Veteran-Owner Business. Our company President, John Purtell, founded the original Invisible Fence® in 1976 – so you can rest assured that we have decades of experience in pet containment.

About Us

Our Service Area

We proudly serve:

Chester County Pa. | Delaware County Pa. | New Castle County Delaware

Freedom For Your Pet

And Peace of Mind For You

If your dog is running around the neighborhood, you already know the risks – pets can get lost, hurt or worse, and your neighbors tend to not appreciate uninvited visits. On top of that, every good dog trainer emphasizes the importance of giving our pets proper exercise, and our underground pet fences are here to solve these problems for you.

Our “invisible” dog fence systems enable your furry friend to roam your yard freely, without the need to worry that they’ll go somewhere they shouldn’t. We’re dedicated to making sure your pet is safe, happy and healthy! With a locally-manufactured Pet Stop system professionally installed by us, you can finally gain the peace of mind you deserve.

How It Works
Freedom For Your Pets

Do you already own an Invisible Fence® brand system? Then CLICK HERE for replacement batteries and collars or CLICK HERE to schedule repairs, service, or get help with your system.

(Please don’t confuse us with the Invisible Fence® brand or Invisible Fencing® both are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corp.)

Main Line Animal Rescue

We proudly support our local Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester County, PA. Our very own Pet Stop fence system is installed at MLAR and we’ll give you a discount when you adopt an already pet-fence-trained dog from there!

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Our customers have a lot of good things to say about us. Not only that, but we have a large Veterinarian customer base that’s willing to recommend us! That’s just another reason why we’re your best choice for keeping your pet safe.

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Our Partners

Pet Management Systems of Pennsylvania is part of a unique group of local Preferred Business Partners and Rescues. Our hand-selected partners share the same dedication to care, love and improving the lives of dogs and cats as much as we do.

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If you are interested in moving forward with us, we’ll schedule a convenient installation time. We will install it on the day we planned. We know how challenging it can be to deal with other service providers. Your experience will be effortless with us.

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Step 3: Train The Dog

No worries. After we install the underground dog fence, we’ll show you how simple it is to train your dog. We’ll work directly with you and your dog to ensure it’s successful. We’ll walk with you step-by-step to ensure this works.

Our Service Area

We proudly serve:
Chester County, Pa. | Delaware County, Pa. | New Castle County, Delaware

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