About Us

Pet Management Systems is a premium pet containment provider in southeast Pennsylvania. We’re locally owned and operated by Karl & Catherine Schay who have a passion for animals and ensuring their safety for years to come. We’re proud to have successfully contained over 12,000 local dogs!

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Karl Schay

Karl has been in the pet containment industry for over 32 years. Originally working with Invisible Fence, he decided to start his own business and provide his customers with what he believes to be the best product on the market – Pet Stop systems. He’s been happily married to his wife, Catherine, in Chester county for over 33 years. They have two children and Karl has been active in the community as a youth-league coach. His family has several dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, koi, and even a lizard and parrot. He understands that pets are more than just that – they’re family members. And he only trusts Pet Stop systems, made right here in Exeter Pennsylvania, to keep them safe.

Catherine Schay

Catherine has been involved in the family pet containment business for over 20 years now and focuses on providing customers with the best experience possible. She knows the industry in-and-out, and can offer you solutions to your pet problems, whether it be indoors or outside. She’s a loving mother to her and Karls two children and many pets, and is also very active in the local community. Catherine is a people-person and enjoys providing positive experiences to whomever she encounters. She may provide you with an in-home consultation to determine your needs, and offers phone and administrative support over the phone 7 days a week.

Why Choose Us

When deciding which professionally-installed pet fence provider to use, there are many things you’ll want to consider. We’ve done our best to assure you the peace of mind you deserve.

 We’re locally owned and operated

Our business is run by us, not a corporate entity that will treat you as another statistic. We only service our local area, and we know it well. Other pet fence providers claim to be local but are really owned and operated nationally. Being independent allows us to offer you what we determine to be the best for your pet – product, support, and price.

 Our Support is Unmatched

When you’re looking to have an “invisible” fence installed, you’re really in need of much more than that. Quality training and ongoing support are crucial when it comes to the success of a system, and our competitors don’t fulfill this need properly. Only we offer free consultations, fence design service, GentleSteps training, and quality service in 48-hours or less without paying a premium in time or materials. There’s no need to purchase an expensive “Yearly Preferred” status with us, we treat all of our customers the same with the intent of exceeding your expectations!

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 We’re An Award-Winning Dealership

Since 2002, we’ve decided to exclusively provide Pet Stop products because we find them to be of the highest possible quality. With our expertise in training, we’ve been able to successfully contain over 12,000 local dogs! And this number grows by over 700 dogs each year, including dogs that have been unsuccessfully contained by our competitors. This magnitude of success has awarded us “Top 5 Pet Stop Dealership” honors for nine years in a row! We’re even endorsed by veterinarians!

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Our Manufacturer

In a time when it’s commonplace to outsource manufacturing overseas to cut costs, Pet Stop® is Made in the USA from imported components. Keeping development and manufacturing here has allowed us to consistently innovate and build better product – with high-grade materials that are built to last. As fellow pet lovers, we don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your dog or cat – they deserve only the most reliable, safe and quality product, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Pet Stop® also employs many leaders in the pet fencing industry, including original Invisible Fence® Founder John Purtell, and former Invisible Fence® Chief Engineer Scott Touchton. With several decades of experience, Pet Stop® offers the safest and most technologically advanced product – in fact, Pet Stop® holds more patents than any one of our competing pet containment manufacturers!