And they tell two friends…and so on, and so on…


The very best compliment we receive is when a customer refers friends to us for a Pet Stop fence. It shows us they are pleased with our product and feel confident their friends will also. We are humbled by the gesture and grateful for the feedback. You certainly wouldn’t refer a friend to a bad contractor, plumber, etc…right?

We value the positive referrals so much we want to reward our customers! Our customer referral program is simple: tell a friend about your Pet Stop fence installed by Pet Management System. If your friend purchases a system, we will give you $50 in merchandise credit. Simple! Be sure to have your friends give us your name so we can circle back with our thanks and $50 credit.

So… about that title… Totally dating ourselves here, but remember the old Faberge Shampoo commercials with Heather Locklear? It was so catchy and such a rage in the 80’s. But they had the word of mouth marketing idea down to a science! Just for fun, here’s a link:

We aren’t looking to make our own version of the classic commercial, but we would love for you to tell two friends about Pet Stop by Pet Management System! If we make the sale, you get the reward, and so on.


The Pet Management Team