Volunteers Can Be Our Toughest Customers


Volunteers Can Be Our Toughest Customers

On Tuesday, November 12, we spent a chilly fall morning with several of the dedicated volunteers from Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR.org). This was our first of many training days, which is part of our partnership between MLAR and Pet Stop. Our training focuses on educating the volunteers on the Pet Stop system, training the dogs, and equipment usage/responsibilities. Our combined goal is to train the dogs on the Pet Stop fencing system prior to adoption.

When we started the training, there were skeptical looks… “Why are these people here?” “Is the system humane?” Maybe even a hint of… “I’m only here to see why we are shocking the dogs…then will figure out how to shut it down!” By the time we showed videos of the actual training and explained our Gentle Steps training technique, we started to win them over.

The true test was actually working with a few dogs outside. Several weeks ago, Pet Stop donated and installed a Pet Stop fence in one of the many (gorgeous) traditional fenced in areas. The volunteers brought us three dogs. One was considered one of their toughest cases… Janice, a two year old a Dalmatian mix with boundless energy (pictured left). They thought if anyone can give the trainer a tough time, it would be Janice! With some coaxing using chicken, Janice quickly started to understand and was well on the road to becoming a successful outcome. But, most importantly… Janice became a more adoptable dog.

We could write a novel on how wonderful our day was with the volunteers at MLAR, but a post on our Facebook page by one of the volunteers seems to capture the day’s success. The encouraging words from a dedicated volunteer are priceless…

“WoW, the Pet Stop training was wonderful, a great approach, so gentle and the dogs are so smart! The process goes along with the way things are done at MLAR, a good fit! Thank you!”

We are honored to partner with MLAR and help the dogs find their forever homes with a safe, Pet Stop fenced, yard. Our training will continue through the weeks and months ahead. We look forward to sharing more success stories. Stay tuned…