April Showers


Remember the saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers?”  Curious to see where it originated, we did a little internet research (because we all know if it’s on the internet, it’s true!).  According to Wikipedia, the full proverb, recorded in 1886, reads:  “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.”  Well, March sure brought us tons of wind…April looks full of showers…and given how saturated the ground already is, May is bound to bring us some amazing flowers!

It’s hard to stay motivated when it rains (or snows) constantly!  To help brighten your mood (ok, ours, but let’s not split hairs), we’d like to take you on a little mental vacation… picture this…

It’s a BEAUTIFUL warm evening and the sun is just setting off in the distance.  Your four legged friends are playing in the yard, exploring the fresh smells of spring, lazily watching the squirrels and are safely contained by your Pet Stop collar.  Life is good.  The peace of mind knowing your pets can explore the outside world and remain safe really is calming to you.

So what are you doing?  Firing up the grill for … fish? Meat? Veggies?  Whatever makes you happy.  What better smell is there than the first grilling of the season?  Maybe the mouth watering smell of Pat’s Nantucket Rub?  Yup, a rub.  While it’s not typical for us to endorse a product, this stuff is just too fantastic to keep to ourselves.  Pat is a good friend of ours who blended his own secret seasonings to create an amazing experience for your taste buds.  To learn more, visit their website or like their Facebook page

Remember the dogs playing in the yard?  Yeah, well… they are now at your feet hoping for a morsel of the food you are grilling with Pat’s Nantucket Rub!  And of course to show you how much they love you for having a Pet Stop fence so they can roam the yard and roll in goose droppings (because April not only brings showers, it brings the geese!).

And with that, our mini-mental vacation has come to an end.  Wish we could have stayed away longer, but business calls.  As always, reach out if you have any questions.  Please share our blog with your friends and family, because while not everything on the internet is true, at Pet Stop we are true to our commitment to a quality product and outstanding customer service.


The Pet Management Systems Team