Snow Dog


Snow Dog

We wouldn’t dream of speaking for all of our customers, but we are quite confident in saying most are DONE with winter!  Mother Nature sure has shown us who is boss this winter with bitter temperatures, ice, downed trees, power outages and never ending snow.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t just impact humans, it also impacts our four legged friends.

We’ve been busy trying to tire our crew out by throwing balls off the deck into the snow, chasing them to get the balls back and long walks (ok, perhaps short very fast walks).  All of this is to keep them healthy and burn off that extra energy pent up from being locked indoors.

Promise, Spring is coming!  Really.

Winter has also wreaked havoc on our Pet Stop fences.  We have reports of broken lines throughout Berks, Chester and Delaware counties.  Unfortunately, with the “polar vortex” we’ve been living in, the ground is too frozen for us to make the needed repairs.  As soon as conditions permit, we will be out in full force making repairs as quickly as possible.

Again, we promise, Spring will arrive soon!

If you suspect or know your fence is down, please take precaution when sending your dog outside.  Best bet?  Use a leash.  Yes, we know…it’s cold, but even with the frozen tundra dogs can still catch a scent and run off.

While we are really embarrassed to admit it, we do have one employee who loves the snow (yes, we’ve blamed the entire winter on her and make fun of her relentlessly).  So, to appease her and make up for some rather choice comments, we’d love to see all of your snow dog photos.  This way, next winter when we are all doing the “Don’t Snow All Winter” dance, she can look back on the crazy 2013-2014 winter, and smile.  Come on, you know you’ve taken at least one!  Please share them on our Facebook page: