Spring Thaw


It’s FINALLY Spring! Boy what a crazy winter it’s been – one for the history books. If you look past the muddy gardens, packed down leaves and debris, you will see the Spring bulbs are coming to life. There is horrible gossip going around that more snow is coming…but we have our heads held high and are enjoying the glorious sunshine!

The spring thaw dual meaning in the Schay household. We are a diehard LAX (lacrosse) family and have always enjoyed the Spring Thaw youth Lacrosse games at OJR. While Brian won’t be playing in the Spring Thaw games this year, we will be out supporting our nephews. This year, Spring Thaw has a bigger, more pressing meaning…the ground is warming up so we can get back at what we do best…keeping your Pet Stop systems working well and your dogs safe.

The triple threat of snow, ice and polar vortex temperatures has caused many broken wires and the need for re-buries. Mike and Karl are diligently working through the list of repairs, and Catherine is cracking the whip, I mean, keeping track of all the repairs.

With the winter we’ve had, we do recommend walking your fence looking for issues. Uprooted trees can impact buried wires. And…while we are a little tardy with the reminder…always check your battery when you change your clocks. Oh, and change the battery in your smoke detector (ok, we have nothing to do with smoke detectors, but it’s a super smart, safe thing to do!).

If you need to order a new battery for your collar, please order online at:  order a battery.

Enjoy the warm sun, budding bulbs and fresh smells of SPRING!